Ino-Lab Audio Educational Podcast


The world of music- and sound production has a common will of making everything better.

But there is a strong tendency to celebrate and follow trends and other diseases. And for better and for worse there´s also a huge commercial pressure on the market, in many ways similar to the fashion- and lifestyle industry. So it´s really hard to gain knowledge based on scientific facts, neurologic studies and pure physics. What do we know, and what is just speculation and subjective opinions?

How do I achieve a transparent and linear production chain? Can a compressor tool work without adding unwanted fm-modulation? What is important for me as a producer, engineer and listener? What do I need to know to actually be free to make my own choices?

There are facts "out there" through thoroughly made scientific research. But there is no "bible" or "wiki" in your nearest library or computer where it´s all easily accessible.

We will try to deconstruct audio in a scientific manner in a series of podcasts based on facts and deep understanding down to a somewhat molecular level. Initially with 5 podcasts surrounded by text, videos and informative links. We will also do our best to answer your mailed-in questions. Our intention is, in time, to collect most knowledge possible in one single website:

What´s the problem?

Unexpected help in explaining is provided by Quincy Jones through Michael Fremer

Who we are?


Anders Olsén

Radio journalist, producer, sound engineer and lecturer on these matters for more than 30 years.

Started to record several rock bands in the suburbs of Stockholm in the 70:ies. Working as

an independent producer for Swedish National Radio (public service) since 1983. Always searching for hard facts in sound engineering and very happy when encountering those few

experts that obviously can present them. Such as:


Lars Mossberg

Legendary developing research engineer at Swedish National Broadcasting. The man behind the worlds best sounding fm-distribution chain. The man that uniquely spotted severe low level deficiencies in the first presented DAB-system, sending it back to the draft board. Deeply involved, and highly respected member in the EBU sound developing and research projects.


Ingvar Öhman (interview)

A walking knowledge base in sound, acoustics and electronics.

Started out with the aim of making a psychoacoustic study (how our brain perceive what we hear) that initially was impossible because there was no correct loudspeaker monitor available to perform controlled hearing studies. So first he had to construct the loudspeaker. Thereafter followed 11 years of partly unique psychoacoustic research.

Today mostly designing recording studios, electronics and theatre systems, still doing basic audio research and continuing to develop and improve loudspeakers. Most known for his breath-taking world wide commercially available Guru QM-10. A smaller sibling of his original research monitor. A man that as a five year old, prior to riding, sat down and calculated all the multiple forces involved in keeping a bicycle upright. And then...

Wise and enlightened he went out on his first bike-ride - upright, fearless and confident.


Our focus is on the music. To make it possible for people to enjoy this outstanding human art form at it´s best. In every thinkable aspect. And the possibilities are immense nowadays. Technical development is astonishing. And costs are lowered by the minute.

This initiative came up from Anders Olsén by the unexpected interest and overwhelming positive reactions from radio listeners after two broadcasts on Swedish National Radio about lossy compression and loudness war. Many begged for more - and why not internationally available?

This will hopefully be the answer.